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Our mission

Knowledge brokering can be fast and fleeting. This isn’t our style at HeadFirst. We believe that independent professionals, suppliers of professionals and clients can only truly excel when their knowledge and know-how are carefully amalgamated.


It is HeadFirst’s mission to be the most valuable knowledge broker there is. We listen better, think beyond and invest more in professionals. That’s how we reach solutions that really do work.


Our vision

The labour market is becoming more flexible, as the number of independent professionals continues to grow. A job for life is a thing of the past: organisations are increasingly seeing expertise and brainpower as assets that can be drawn on temporarily. These developments are accelerating so rapidly, that within a decade, work as we know it will be unrecognisable. Flexibility makes for blurred lines. And that’s where HeadFirst comes in.


In a rapidly changing labour market, HeadFirst strives to become the number 1 connector of knowledge-supply and -demand: a beacon for independent professionals, suppliers and clients wanting to excel, without being weighed down by practical matters.