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We have assignments for

  • - Business analists
  • - Financial advisers
  • - Software developers
  • - PMO employees
  • - Projectmanagers
  • - Interaction designers
  • - Service managers
  • - Consultants
  • - Testers
  • - Quality managers
  • - and many more professionals

The certainties of HeadFirst

  • We take care of all contracts and administration
  • We guarantee a personal approach
  • Access to 370 clients
  • No relationship and/or competition clauses


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No additional links means better rates for you

The average hourly rate for an independent professional is €90. You get to determine the rate for which you work for the client. We guarantee that the number of links between you and the client is no more than one: HeadFirst.

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Benefits for registered independent professionals

There are many more advantages to working via HeadFirst.
Thanks to our additional services, you get to benefit from the following, among others:

  • 1

    Compensation for professional and business liability insurance

    You are insured for the activities you are carrying out on behalf of the client for the duration of the assignment.

  • 2

    Discount on pensions, insurance and consultancy services

    Full access to first-line legal advice and mobility card (among others) with ZP Zaken ‘All-in’ membership.

  • 3

    Discount on hundreds of training courses, both classroom and online delivery.

    We offer a wide range of courses to help you hone your performance.

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