Find and win assignments

Are you in search of challenging assignments for your professionals? Or do you want to expand the circle of your clients? HeadFirst is ready to open new doors for you. We offer access to over 370 appealing clients.

Have you found an assignment for an employee? Or is your client referring you on to us? We’d be delighted to serve as your intermediary. Call us on 023 – 568 56 30 or sign up without obligation.

Striiive makes it possible

Striive is the first – and largest – online marketplace for temporary capacity, where demand and supply align more closely than ever. On Striive, your professionals are visible to both clients and our recruiters. Transparent, without any additional links. That’s how we keep costs to a minimum.

You get to decide how you present your professionals, what your rate is set at and which assignments present them. Your professional will be working under your name for our client. Of course – we’ll help you where we can. For example, our relationship managers will gladly help you identify where the commercial opportunities lie.

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HeadFirst eliminates the risk for you

You’re sharp; think of every detail. But despite that, things can still go wrong. That’s why, at HeadFirst, we make sure that your business, your professionals and our client are protected:

  • We take the risk of not being paid on for you: if you choose Premium, invoices are paid within 14 days – guaranteed. Or within 10 days if you choose the Excellent service package. Even if the client pays later.
  • HeadFirst is registered with the Data Protection Authority. This protects your and your professionals’ privacy.


Fewer links = better results

The more links between your professional and the client, the higher the hourly rate paid by the client and the lower the rate received by you. HeadFirst likes to keep things transparent. And operates an open policy. It’s far better for our relationship. And for your competitor position and profits.


Premium or Excellent? The choice is yours

At HeadFirst, we offer three different service packages:

  • Excellent package: complete and fit for the future

Benefit from the full service that HeadFirst has to offer. Our new Excellent service package not only means guaranteed payment within 10 days, it also gives you closer access to a dedicated relationship manager to advise and assist with finding your next assignment. You can enjoy these benefits for just €5 per hour worked. This service level also includes all of the benefits that come with the Premium package.


  • Premium service package: complete and transparent

Benefit from the full service that HeadFirst has to offer. For €2.50 per hour worked, via Striive, you can put your professionals forward for open assignments directly, and they will remain visible to clients and our recruiters 24/7. A HeadFirst relationship manager will be here for you to discuss commercial opportunities. Invoices are paid within 14 days as standard. Your professionals will be insured against liability. We provide second-to-none contractual and administrative processing and discounts on hundreds of courses and free unlimited online learning of your professionals.


  • Basic service package: stay in control, without cost

By choosing the Basic package, you remain responsible for a number of things. And that’s why there are no costs involved. You won’t be taking advantage of our full service offering: as such, you won’t be able to put forward professionals for open assignments through Striive. Invoices will be paid in line with the payment terms agreed with the client. What we will do, is carefully and quickly process contracts for assignments with our mutual clients that you come across via your own network.


Good relationships come first

We fulfil each and every assignment with either indepedent professionals or professionals working for our suppliers. HeadFirst itself does not have any professionals on the payroll. So there is no conflict of interests. The relationships we have with our clients, suppliers and independent professionals come first.

Would you like to work with us? We’d love to hear from you. Once you register, one of our relationship managers will get in touch with you. They will be your dedicated contact person, answering any questions you may have and supporting you with commercial opportunities. Want to reach out to us instead? Great! You can reach us on 023 – 568 56 30.