You want access to the very best professionals when you need them, and on competitive terms. But how can successful matchmaking be achieved in what is a hugely fragmented contingent labour market? Let us show you. Present us with your requirement and we will unlock the entire contingent labour market for you.

HeadFirst works with over 51,000 independent professionals and 5,500 suppliers who employ professionals on a permanent basis. This huge well of knowledge and know-how is here for you to tap into. Whenever you need it.

How does matchmaking work?

  1. We like to get to know you so that we can find professionals who have not only the hard skills, but also the soft skills to meet your needs.
  2. You tell us what it is you’re looking for – we take care of recruitment and selection, then offer you the best professionals for the most competitive terms.
  3. You will enter into dialogue with one or more candidates and subsequently decide whether or not to hire them.
  4. If the match is successful, we will perform all of the contractual and financial administration. In addition, we will support the hired professional with all the things that entrepreneurship entails. This leaves you to focus on your core tasks and the professional to focus on whatever it is you hired them for.

Never pay over the odds

We have mentioned ‘the most competitive terms’. But can we guarantee that they are?

  1. HeadFirst charges a low fixed hourly surcharge that is agreed in advance. No hidden mark-ups.
  2. The market forces that are based on competition for assignments between players in our vast network ensure that rates are always the going market rate.
  3. We do not work in chains, which would only drive up costs for you. The only ever chain is: client – HeadFirst – professional/supplier.

HeadFirst has designed a complete service offering to drastically lower costs for entrepreneurs in our network. This encompasses insurance, administrative services, mobility solutions, etc. Low costs mean lower rates for you.

Want to know in advance approximately how much you can expect to pay for a certain type of professional? We have consolidated our entire network in our very own marketplace Striive. Here, you’ll find the guideline rates for professionals. Using a quick benchmark in Striive, we are able to offer a realistic estimate instantly.