Hassle-free hiring

You want to hire skilled professionals for a competitive price, without having to worry about risks and administration. HeadFirst can assist you in a number of ways.



We unlock the entire contingent labour market, give you the best selection of professionals to choose from and take care of all of the administration following a successful match.

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Contract management

Perhaps you manage recruitment & selection yourselves, but want to be sure that you have all the risks covered? Look no further. We oversee the contracting, financial and other administration and mitigate any risks associated with hiring.

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Select is our very own hiring platform, developed in-house to align supply and demand more closely than ever. Managing your contingent workforce is easy with our innovative white-label software.

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What makes us unique?


Unlock the entire contingent labour market 

We invest a lot of time and money into the quality of our unique network of professionals so that clients get direct access to 5,500 suppliers and 51,000 independent professionals. Our strength lies in activating this network on a daily basis: a must in today’s tight labour market. The relationship is nurtured by a team of relationship managers whose job it is to relieve both professionals and suppliers of some of the load, leaving them to focus on the assignment the professional is being hired to work on.


Maximum transparency

We are averse to unnecessary links in the chain. In practice, this means leaving out intermediaries for our clients. We set the standard by being transparent about our buying and selling rates and our fixed, low margin per hour. In addition, we do not operate non-compete or non-solicitation clauses in contracts with suppliers and independent professionals, because we believe that entrepreneurs should have the freedom to work where – and for whom – they choose.


Battling a tight labour market

Despite them being few and far between, we aim to have a selection of professionals ready for when a request comes in from our clients. To achieve this, we dare to take the roads less travelled. For example, through solutions such as pre-emptive sourcing, global sourcing and training for professionals.

  • Pre-emptive sourcing: we support clients with forecasting their hiring requirements and subsequently pre-book professionals in sought-after areas of expertise.
  • Global sourcing: even for areas in which there may be a shortage of expertise in the Netherlands, we manage to find the right professionals through our partners across the world.
  • Young & senior professional training: in collaboration with niche suppliers and at the request of clients, we can train professionals in rare fields.


Innovation is part of our DNA

Due to the exponential growth in the number of independent professionals and small, specialised agencies, specialist knowledge in the market has become fragmented. In order to keep a handle on this growing group, we utilise state-of-the-art systems. We facilitate our clients’ entire hiring process from a single application: from assignment to contract, dossier and invoice. Operated by people, but supported by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning. This innovative mindset runs through all the layers of our organisation.


Hassle-free hiring since 1995

Over a period of almost 25 years, we have assisted and guided more than 200 clients with setting up and improving their entire hiring process. The result: a handle on hiring, risk mitigation, meeting compliance, legal and regulatory requirements and process optimisation. This involves refining terms and conditions, without compromising continuity, quality and reliability. The collective knowledge and experience amassed over the years is woven into our organisation. Our specialists are here to proactively offer you and your business advice. With one goal in mind: hassle-free hiring for your organisation.