Contract management

You hire professionals (independent and / or employed by niche suppliers) who you recruit and select yourself. But you want to be certain that all of the risks are covered. HeadFirst will gladly take on all of those risks for you.

HeadFirst will take all of the risks on for you, indemnifying you against any possible claims.

Which risks are involved with external hiring?

There is a wide range of risks involved when hiring external professionals. Examples are:

  • Chain liability;
  • Recipient’s liability;
  • Placement of Personnel by Intermediaries: Waadi Act;
  • Claims arising from incomplete professionals’ dossiers;
  • Unrecoverable damages for professional and business liability on part of hired professional.


“We also look at what the supplier does for the independent professionals signed up to them. With HeadFirst, that’s all sorted.”

 The advantages of having HeadFirst as Intermediary / Broker:

  • Indemnification against all employment law and tax liabilities;
  • Uniformity in terms across all hiring;
  • 24/7 access to dossiers of hired professionals in Striive;
  • A single consolidated monthly invoice;
  • Real-time customised management reporting.
  • The efficiencies guarantee that partnering with HeadFirst more than pays for itself.