HeadFirst's additional service package brings you even more benefits!
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Additional services for independent professionals

HeadFirst works with over 370 large and attractive clients, making it possible for us to post thousands of challenging assignments on our online portal, Select, every year. Have you found a challenging assignment? If so, we can support you with our additional services!

Administration, insurance, debt collection, securing assignments and personal development. These are all things you will deal with as an independent professional. We want you to excel. Without you having to worry about practical matters. That’s why we make our additional services available to you. This service package covers all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Our additional services are offered on a no-cure, no-pay basis. This means you get to enjoy many of the benefits and only pay if you start on an assignment via us. From then on, the relevant charge per hour worked will be applied. You can still enjoy these additional services if you secure an assignment at one of our clients, but came to it via your own network. There are three options to choose from: Basic, Premium or Excellent.

With the premium services you enjoy a payment period of 14 days and with the excellent services you even enjoy a payment period of only 10 days.

* Take instant advantage of these benefits and pay only once you start on an assignment through us.

Enjoy the benefits

Besides Premium and Excellent, we also offer a Basic package. There is no charge for this option, as by choosing it you are choosing to take many aspects into your own hands. The Basic package does not allow you to apply for open assignments online. Invoices will be paid in line with the payment terms agreed with the client. What we will do, is carefully and quickly process contracts for assignments you have found with our clients via your own network, and you can monitor your invoice status in Select.

Upgrade any time
Are you already using the Basic package but wanting to take advantage of all that Premium or Excellent has to offer? You can! Upgrade your company profile in Select or get in touch with us to upgrade.


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