Partners of HeadFirst Group

In cooperation with partners, HeadFirst Group – including the brands HeadFirst, Source, Jenrick, Myler, Between, Fast Flex, Yellow Friday, EXPR and Staffing Management Services – offers interesting advantages for independent professionals and suppliers. To stay informed of these benefits we send partner mailings to all interested individuals. Our partners are:

Select Academy

Professionals who use the Premium and Excellent service of HeadFirst have the advantage of an unlimited online learning subscription through Select Academy. The training environment, made possible by the continuous learning platform MyCademy, with the most complete offer in the Netherlands: 9,000+ professional training courses from more than 120 world-leading providers in the fields of IT, technology and finance.  Using Select Academy, they can take unlimited online courses, virtual labs and/or knowledge sessions free of charge.

ZP Zaken

ZP Zaken is an organization that facilitates and develops services and products for the self-employed, focusing on entrepreneurship. The organisation has a wide range of products, whereby innovation, creativity and convenience always prevail. All of these can already be found in the market, but not so well bundled and ranked according to need. By making everything available at one site, ZP Zaken not only wants to unburden professionals with the execution of assignment(s), but also to provide them with cost savings.

Part of our Premium or Excellent service is a ZP Zaken ‘All-in’ membership. As soon as you start an assignment through HeadFirst, ZP Zaken will contact you to discuss the membership. You can use cyber insurance (Hiscox), first line legal advice (DAS), mobility card (MobilityMixx), business risk scan (Verzekeringen24) and financial advice (including subsidy check, financial analysis and credit card) free of charge. In addition, you will benefit from various discounts, such as on a retirement plan (BrightPensioen), health insurance (ONVZ, Zorg & Zekerheid and Zilveren Kruis), disability insurance (Share People and Centraal Beheer) and professional and corporate liability insurance (Hiscox).